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August 14, 2008



Wow! I'm thrilled to have guessed it! I hope this is a good thing... in hindsight, I am wondering why my brain retained facial details of The Village People from all those years ago, yet couldn't really tell you what I had for dinner last night. heehee :-)

Cynthia Closkey

Thanks for linking to my post about Catie. She and her family are doing well, and all the kind wishes from friends and interested visitors to the site are much appreciated.

I'm so saddened by what's happened to Amy's friends. What a random, terrible thing.

Are you sure it's not route 66?


Thanks for linking to me. I appreciate it! Barb has been airlifted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., which is fabulous news. Hugh has rejoined his team in Beijing. I'm waiting a little longer to contact Wiz and wondering if I should try to make it to Minnesota if/when funeral arrangements are announced. It was quite a shock to wake up last Saturday morning to the news. The Bachmans are exceptional people, which makes what happened even more tragic.

I'm a bit behind on blog reading after a trip to Toronto that included Thursday's stinkfest. See you in two weeks!

Little Buddy in McKeesport

Aw shucks, skipper ...


Thanks, my friend!

She's in the midst of vetting blogging engines (Wordpress, Movable Type, etc.). Once she decides we'll get her site up soon.

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